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A word from the founder

When Plantéa was first created back in 2020, it was only a stove, a pan, and a girl with an idea.


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We are happy to announce that Plantéa Skin was recognised in the beauty shortlist awards for the Rich and Nourishing serum for 2024.

Real people with life-changing results

“The Glow! These products make me feel like I got a facial done every time I use them. I had
always been super insecure about the redness in my face. I would constantly cover my cheeks
with concealer which never helped my acne. After using Plantéa for about two weeks, the
redness was significantly gone, and people began to comment on how glowy and healthy my
skin was looking!”


Redness face

“The nourishing serum in the morning in combination with the rich serum at night is my
biggest life saver! My skin has never looked or felt this good. I’m obsessed!”



The serums of Plantéa truly made my skin so glowy after only a couple of
uses. I love how easy the gel is as it’s quickly absorbed by the skin but both
feel so incredibly rich and nourishing!


Glowing skin

“I’ve always had extremely dry skin and sensitive skin. I tried every product out there, but
nothing worked… my skin would either get more irritated or I would immediately break out.
When I learned about Plantéa and its quality and minimal ingredients, I knew I had to try it.
Plantéa changed my perception of skincare. With its quality ingredients, and perfected
formula my skin has never glowed or looked as healthy as it does now.”


Dry Skin

“This serum is so light and fresh! I am very picky with products when it come with scents…
especially my face. But now that I’ve tried Plantéa’s Rich serum, I’m never going back. Its
hydrating yet fast absorbing leaving my skin with an insane glow!”


Dry Skin

“I have been using Plantéa skincare products for the past 4 months. I am OBSESSED with
the brand/products. My skin has taken on a more glowy/silky texture. I used to battle severe
hormonal acne & I have not had a severe acne outbreak since using the Nourishing & Rich
serum. Anytime I have a breakout, I apply the night serum and I am almost completely clear
by morning. I get compliments on my skin almost daily & finally feel confident without
makeup. I was honoured to test out the products & will be a lifetime customer.”




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